Leedia: for better business

Connecting B2C companies with their ideal customers.

One step closer
to sales

Imagine a world where the right customers willingly give their contact details to reach companies they are interested in.

That's where we step in: Performance Marketing services to connect companies with their ideal customers.

Our mission is to bring B2C businesses one step closer to closing contracts by providing qualified leads ready to engage in sales conversations.


Leverage opportunity

With a validated business model, Leedia is a reliable partner for decision makers and managers who want to leverage opportunity and reach their sales objectives.


Motivated by performance

We are performance seekers: instead of just spending on ads, we learn from them. With well performing ads we collect information and data for faster scaling business.

Meet our team

Our collective genius is what allows us to be highly competitive in a fast changing world and challenging industry. We hire the best: our team is bound for mutual results and success.


Andrea Mascheroni

CEO & Co-Founder


Carlotta Pirro

CFO & Co-Founder


Alessio Morizzi

Chief Operation Officer

Giulia 480

Giulia Di Salvo

Advertising Specialist

Leonardo Ciccioni

Advertising Specialist

Giacomo Bechini

Content Manager

Minardo 445

Minardo Gaspari

Sales Manager

Reaching goals

Learn more about how our team generates leads for highly competitive industries around the world.